Wednesday, April 25, 2018

#Blog I wish this was a sponsored post

So people would send me some sweet sweet cash in this time of need... Anyways,

So I was finally able to get my hands on one of these “CD cleaning/repair machines a while ago. It’s not brand new, but it was kept in pretty good shop and just ran out of warranty..

I decided on this model after doing some research on the web. I wanted something that actually cleaned and repaired disks, and not just a cheap chinese knockoff gadget. After reading up on various models I found a compromise that worked, wasn’t too expensive and decent enough all things considered. (I almost bought a super-cheap gadget at first, though!)

And I was ok investing in this since I have a ton of games and movies on material support.
I got this lil’ guy here:

In my game collection, I really only had 4 games that did not work at all. Sure I have lots of second hand stuff that is scratched and all, but only these 4 did not work.

- One simply didn’t play despite it’s condition (Budokai HD Collection, 360)
- One was pretty dusty and had fingerprints all over and did not work either (Matt Hoffman, DC)
- A really scratched game with a lot of wear, same result (Worms, DC)
- And a badly wore down, heavily scratched last one (Black Dawn)

Since they’re no big collectors, I decided to use them as test subjects (gonna clean up my NiGHTS or Panzer Dragoon ONLY AFTER TESTING THIS THING FIRST!!!!)

I read all the simple instructions and tried them one by one as I went through harder repairs (light, medium and heavy scratches/cleanings).

And I got to say.. I’m impressed.

The disks got better.
Now I’m super familiar with how disks work (regular CDs have the info deep into the plastic, beneath the label, while blurays have it on the surface of the plastic, which also means near impossible repairs for PS4, etc.).

And I got all my disks brand new!!


It’s not a perfect solution, tho. If you have some actual broken disk, the scratch reaching the other surface, you might as well say goodbye to your disk.

And the heavy damaged disks took several turns to get them properly cleaned and working. Black Dawn took almost 10 cycles to get it working!!

All in all, for a moderately cheap and decent repair machine, this one’s ok. (Thanks youtube and reddit!)

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