Tuesday, June 12, 2018

#E32018 Day 2 Sony strikes back

Next up we had Sony, Ubi and Square Enix's conferences.

Mostly stuff people expected. And some disappointing absences for highly awaited announcements. Let's begin with Sony.

Sony showed us Hideo Kojima's upcoming weird new game Death Stranding is still, huh, pretty weird. I'm glad to see it still has some strangely horror elements from when they presumably were working on that Silent Hills-thing.

A random new Nioh 2 was also announced. The first one seemed nice and all, but did anyone ask for a two?

The Last of Us Part II made a big splash with beautiful new visuals, a kickass song and a kiss that apparently traumatized snowflakes.

This year's E3 is full of samurai games, doesn't it? Here's a pretty gorgeous looking title called Ghost of Tsushima. Look at them trees!!

Finally a brand new look at the very fun-looking gorgeous Marvel’s Spider-Man title developed by Insomniac, exclusively for PS4. Look at how good this looks so far! And all the villains! I can't wait for this Arkham!Spidey game!!

A  bunch of other titles were also given gameplay trailers, but they didn't caught my eyes much.

Conclusion of the day: E3's topic this year is samurai games.

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