Friday, April 21, 2023

#KaijuNEWS Godzilla x Kong: Title Reveal

 Did you miss Legendary's MonsterVerse? Well, since the last Covid-released film they kinda slowed down... but here's the next chapter titled :

Who will be the villain? Lots of speculations depending which crowd you hang with. Average Joe youtube comments, kaiju websites/wikias, American blockbuster fans on reddit.. anyway, I've read everything from new original Legendary creations to returning hairy-version MUTOs, Son of Kong-style white-haired Kong, an alien, a Legendary version of a classic Toho monster (Gargantuan, Gigan, Space G, Destroyah even someone mentioning Biollante.. but I don't see that shape turning out to be a plant..)

Notice how this is not titled Godzilla Vs. Kong 2 but Godzilla X Kong.. Hmm.. I'm calling it, an hybrid Kong/Zilla mutant.

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