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CBR REVIVAL Vol. 7: Forward

The government is trying to understand and contain the Revived! Dana and Em Cypress are on the run!

A war between the living and the undead is brewing!
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Comic title: REVIVAL Volume 7: Forward
Art by Mike Norton
Story by Tim Seeley 

Published by Image Comics 
From September 2016
Lineup Revival series
Format: Trade paperback collecting REVIVAL issues #36-41.

One day in Wausau, rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life. Since this "Revival Day" the living and the undead are trying to coexist in the quarantined town as best as they can. Officer Dana Cypress is trying to hold it all together while trying to solve the murder of her own recently-revived sister Martha, aka "Em"...

Revival is currently one of Image Comics' bestselling series out there. It's a co-creation of Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley and writer/artist Mike Norton.

Often described as a "Rural Noir", it's a zombie story without actual traditional zombies. At least, not your usual mindless undead creatures. 

Volume 7 picks up where the last one left It's a brand new story arc. "Forward" collects issues #36-41 of this hit series.

There's a new chief in town, and it's Military Governor General Cale! She's the one calling the shots now! Not only is she in control of the quarantine of Wausau but she also decided to put all the Revivers in a single place. Like stock animal.

Dana and Em are still on the run. Dana's ex Derrick as been a great help lately, almost reviving their old flame. But Derrick's current girlfriend Nikki doesn't like the way he's been behaving. Plus she's the only one that has been taking care of Dana's 10-year old son Cooper. Poor Cooper, life has been difficult for him lately with a mother and an aunt called fugitive by the authorities...

"Fitness guru" and "town playboy" old man Lester Majak is going through some personal issues.. It's time he finally opens his eyes around him...

Plus there's these mysterious "men in the woods" that have been getting the confined Revivers antsy...

Cale tests a theory that proves once and for all that these "ghosts" are sort of souls that have been trying to get reunited with the Revivers.. with disastrous results!

Cale enlists the help of an Amish (!) samurai (!!) spy (!!!) retired government agent to help capture the Cypress girls. 

The death of the Check brothers put Derrick in charge of their black market, whether he wants it or not! Derrick decides to accept "the offer" so he can use the connection with this dirty military soldier to get info out to Dana.

It all comes crashing down when the glowing ghosts learn they can actually jump from one person to another! The souls take over bodies and a war erupts at the border of the quarantined zone! The military are losing control of the situation...

This was a big turning point for the series. It feels like we just crossed the mid-point of the series.

There were a lot of revelations thrown around this time. We finally grasp more or less what the "men in the woods" are. Even though we have no idea what caused their situation, where they come from, etc. 

This was clearly the beginning of the end. Now the government and the military will only increase their presence in Wausau and try to take over everything.

Tim Seeley still finds the time to keep this a very character-driven story. We always take the time to explore the life of the various people inhabiting this strange little town.

Poor Em and Dana are kind of put on the back burner for most of this book, but they're also trying to keep things low for now. The end finally sees the situation explode!

As always, the artwork was top notch! Some really nice action sequences and wide shots of the crowd as the tension rises. This time Mike Norton didn't have any guests fill in for Cooper's comics like Art Baltazar in volume 3. So he got to make those in-comics children comics himself!

And finally we have a nice little bonus gallery as always. A sketch gallery taken from various pieces Mike Norton did at conventions. Which was a nice bonus!

Overall, REVIVAL is still a very engaging and captivating narrative. This volume 7 feels like the start of a brand new arc (or the last final stretch).

This new story arc is a great jumping-point if you want to jump in without any prior knowledge! There are a lot of characters, but the book takes the time to introduce each of them again (or more appropriately check on them to see what they are up to currently).

Highly Recommended series, one of the best original creator-owned series at the moment!

I give it:
2.5 / 3 ManThings!

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