Sunday, April 8, 2018

#GamingNEWS Ion Maiden Gameplay - Announcement Trailer for new Old-School FPS

Wow! I wasn't expecting this!

Legendary classic develop 3D Realms is bringing back the Build engine with a brand new game, titled Ion Maiden!

And if you're a big fan of  Shadow Warrior or Duke Nukem 3D, you will probably get a huge kick out of this:

Looks great, I love this resurgence of retro early-3D graphics! I know it's nostalgia talking, but there's something about these rough 3D graphics.

Also, I see 3D Realms is still trying to push their new character "Shelly Harrison" from their previous game Bombshell. Since they lost Duke Nukem to 2K Games, they might as well make a new recurring character out of this Bombshell girl. But I'm fine with that.

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