Monday, April 9, 2018

#MovieNEWS Johnny English Strikes Again - Official Trailer (HD) - Coming Soon

They finally did it!!

Here's the trailer for the upcoming and long-awaited third Johnny English film, Johnny English Strikes Again! These films are a bit underrated compared to other spy parodies, but they always manage to stuck with me and make me laugh. Always featuring a pretty darn good ensemble cast too. Check this out:

The first film was more of a Pierce Brosnan-era James Bond parody while the second one was more of a Daniel Craig-Bond parody. This one seems like an approach at more generic James Bond-style stuff, no inspiration in particular, but it does remind me a bit more of the tone of the first film (even adding "Bough" as a returning character).

This time they even managed to get an actual ex-James Bond girl, Olga Kurylenko!

The film will be out on September 20. in the US and on October 12. for Europe.

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