Hey gang! Here's the Frequently Asked Questions post, for further informations.
In case you might have been wandering some of those questions and needed an answer!
Also answering here some questions I had on deviantArt by the way.

Eyz questions
Who are you exactly?
My name starts in E and ends up in Z but online and under my pen name, you can call me Eyz.

What do you do?
I try to be a cartoonist.
Like to be an artist.
'Seem to be a graphic designer.
And are a gamer most of my time.

How did you end up graphic designer?
I first got a diploma in Mathematics & Physics.
Then I went into art & graphics at IPAC Design in Switzerland. I learned about Communication, Medias and Visuals.
From 2008 to 2009 I've worked as a graphic designer at SL&C Supercomm Language Courses working on the new school books (the French, English and Chinese ones) and everything communication related.
Around 2010 I started working for PHYDRA a web design and communication agency in Geneva.
I still want to draw comics/illustration for a living but this goal is currently "on hold".

Do you have a professional portfolio?
There's a link in the sidebar. But here's a quick link.

Do you post drawings online?
As a matter of fact, I do. Also on the sidebar, here's a link.

How can we contact you?
Don't spam me!
eyz_master (at) yahoo (dot) fr
For questions, notes, suggestions, comments, and further advices.
Or simply use the comment sections in this or any other post!

Blog questions
I found typos in your blog, what should I do?
Woaah! Don't hesitate to tell me if you find errors! I type as fast as I think..which doesn't allow sometimes to check stuff and correct letters here and there...
I try to pay attention to errors...but if you find some, just write it up to me in comments/send a mail!
- Thanks for the help ;)

Why did you create this blog?
To talk about stuff. Which incidentally only really happened a year after that post!
Also a place for you, the reader, to discuss about said stuff.

Are you a gamer?
I guess this qualifies me as a gamer. :P

How do your ratings work?? 

I wanna link your blog/have you do the same. Can we affiliate our blogs?
Send a mail or a comment below!

What's your favorite movies?

What's your favorite TV shows?
Another list.

Explain me the Star Wars expanded universe easily!

Do you actually play through the games you review?
As a matter of fact, I do!
It may take me some time, on some occasions. I don't play hours and hours of games straight from start to finish. I like to take some time, play an hour or two a day, maybe sometimes even less than 5 hours of said game a week! But I always finish the game 100% before reviewing it!
I won't ever review something I played for 3 minutes like some serious professional gaming websites did *cough*IGN*cough*.

What is your favorite gaming system?
I might go into more details in the future.
For now, let's agree I equally love the PC Engine, the Sega Saturn and the Dreamcast more than any other systems.

Are you a Sega Nerd?

Which are your favorite game developers/publishers?
Sega, for one. And probably Ubi Soft, who did evolve quite nicely over the years and Capcom which are forever in my gaming heart! Long live those 3!

You're a comic book reader?

Do you have a banner so we can link both our blogs/websites?
Just ask!

Can you recommend me some badass Dreamcast games?

What's your take on the Finale of LOST?
Here goes!

Do you like music in gaming/movies?
I'm a big music-guy! In fact, I have a lot of little posts about music trivia and such~
Try this keyword

I wanna check the news! Or the Archers! comic strips! Or the movie reviews! Help me, I'm lost on your blog!!
Use the big links at the top! I  found those pretty user-friendly, don'tcha?


Why the "Comic Page Of The Weekend"?
I thought it was fun! And, hey, all the other blogs I'm watching like to post comic scans every now and then!
That's why I like to upload some pages on weekends like here or panels every now and then.

Who is Tak Fuji?
The man, the legend.

What d'you think of Wonder Woman's new costume?
Check it out!

What's a Megadrive's real power?
It's OVER 9000!!

Do you post pics about your collection and such?

Chuck Norris would kick your ass!
I don't really like Norris -__-

What can you tell us about writer Alan Moore?
He's a very creative man, that's for sure.
Check out this documentary!

What can you tell us about writer Jeph Loeb?
I used to love the guy... sadly, not so much nowadays.

What's your view on multi-console gaming?
I usually prefer games on the systems they were developed for. But there's been some exceptions with great remakes and well made updates.
Oh, and I always prefer when developers try to be original with their content/support.
All this and more here!

Outside the Blog
Do you have a deviantArt?
Yep!  It's right there on my tab menu, at theeyzmaster.deviantart.com.

A facebook? Myspace? Twitter?
No facebook, no myspace, twitter here.

So you're a graphic designer?
Working currently for a local company. You can see my good ol' portfolio over here.

What can you tell me about European comic books?

Wanna understand Bandes dessinées?
Check my guest blog post at NewReaders!

Anymore questions, and I'll gladly answer! Use the comments below!

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